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Frequently Asked Questions

Does everyone who attends OYM events have a mental illness?

Great question! We wouldn’t know! Out of Your Mind prides itself on not functioning like traditional group therapy—we do not ask participants to open up and “spill their guts” so to speak. This gives participants a chance to identify themselves outside of their mental opportunity and meet and engage with others who are simply wanting to grow their emotional intelligence. OYM fills the gap between suffering in silence and the formal, more serious step of receiving therapy, medication and in-patient treatment. By taking a break from trying to “fix” themselves, participants have a chance to see life in a new perspective and interact with the people in their community who are capable of supporting them.

Do I have to be an artist to participate in OYM?

No, you do not need to be an artist to participate in our events. OYM is for everyone and we try our best to supply a variety of events so that we continuously reach new and unique audiences. We do however, seek out creatives to establish and lead our community and university chapters because while changing the way people view mental health, we simultaneously want to change the way people view the “struggling artist”. OYM seeks to empower artists and give them the tools and communities they need to believe in themselves and pursue their artistic passion. Check out our Out of Your Mind Conference for more information on how to become a creative leader!

What does OYM cost?

We believe that support for mental health should be accessible to everyone. All our events are donation based and we understand if sometimes your donation is simply your positive energy and enthusiastic spirit! The best way to support OYM is to attend our events, check out our iconic merch and donate!

What kind of activities does OYM do?

A little bit of everything! Our tried and true monthly formula for success includes our Open Mic, a group hike or some type of physical activity and a small business collaboration, but we like to mix it up! OYM has facilitated everything from potlucks to coffee tastings, outdoor yoga, creative writing workshops, self-defense classes, chocolate tastings and more! We understand that social anxiety is real for a lot of us so by switching up our venues and activities, we introduce participants to new environments where they can feel comfortable and discover a new circles of friends.

Can I lead an event?

YES! If you are interested in leading a workshop or collaborating on an event, please email us at We would love to hear your ideas!

How can I bring OYM to my town?

OYM is working hard to open OYM chapters around the United States and beyond! As we speak, we are planning our first annual Out of Your Mind Conference where we will be training OYM artists how to start events in their community. Can’t stand the wait? Book our Founder & Executive Director, Kat Dolan to come to you! Kat travels the country for inspirational speaking, incorporating her original poetry to help illustrate her journey with mental health & suicidal ideation, helping inspire others to choose life. Still not enough? Check out Kat’s poetry video ‘Nobody But Myself’ to learn more about embracing depression and share it with friends!

How can I donate to OYM?

Easy! Just click here. All donations go directly toward keeping OYM up and running! We rely on donations to help us put on more events, fundraisers, print new merchandise & stickers, and ultimately launch the first annual Out of Your Mind Conference.

Is OYM a non-profit?

Yes! OYM received its 501(c)(3) status in May 2018. Our Tax ID Number is 82-5242524.

Why do you call it mental opportunity?

Mental opportunity is a term coined by founder, Kat Dolan and takes the place of '“mental illness” which innately bodes a negative connotation. The term ‘mental opportunity’ offers more than just hope; It brings personal creativity back to the individual and gives those working through their mental opportunities a chance to define their unique experience for themselves. We have a choice--we can adhere to the definitions that are given to us, or we can craft our own definitions that resonate with not only our minds, but our own living, beating hearts. This is you. This is your life. Actively working through your mental opportunity gives you space to write your story in a way that makes sense to you.

Have a question we didn’t answer?

Email us! We would be happy to answer any and all questions!